On 23 March, a variety of events will be held to provide more background information and to highlight effective responses to the problem.

In order to prevent and deal with sexual harassment in a study or work environment, we need to reflect on our own behaviour, respect the boundaries of others and take responsibility for ourselves and our fellow human beings. From campaigns at individual universities to Zoom discussions on specific issues, our programme offers helpful support for anyone wishing to expand their awareness and knowledge.

Learn more about our informative, inspiring online events.

On 23 March 2023, we are organising a number of events and activities online, which will be accessible to everyone in Switzerland interested in this issue. Find out about the main topics of the national support programme here.

Ein Symbolbild für eine Pressekonferenz (Mikrofon).
10:00 - 10:30 | online

Press conference (campaign)

The project team along with representatives of the universities will present the campaign and answer questions from journalists.

11:15 - 12:00 | online

Zoom presentation: "The True Costs of Sexual Harassment for All"

Sexual harassment is a complex social problem. The presentation will highlight the costs sexual harassment creates in high education and research - on multiple levels and for different actors. 

Dr. Bettina Palazzo
(expert in business ethics)
Dr. Léïla Eisner and Dr. Tabea Hässler
(Swiss LGBTIQ+ Panel)


Video & Slides
13:15 - 14:00 | online

What is sexual harassment and how can I find support? (DE)

Conducted in German with Stella Harper, co-founder and co-director of SpeakUpETH, and Lilian Fankhauser, co-director of the Equal Opportunities Department and contact person for sexual harassment at the University of Bern.

Stella Harper
Lilian Fankhauser


Video & Slides
13:15 - 14:00 | online

What is sexual harassment and how can I find support? (FR)

Conducted in French Marijn van der Meer, founder of the campaign Paye ton EPFL, and Aurélie Nusbaum-de Francesco, labour dispute management lawyer, confidant and mediator.

Marijn van der Meer
Aurélie Nusbaum-de Francesco


Videos & Slides
Person am Computer als Symbolbild für Krisenkommunikation.
17:00 - 18:30 | online

"Crisis management in cases of sexual harassment"

Cases of sexual harassment are exceptional situations for victims, perpetrators and their environment. This places a special responsibility on institutions to deal with such crises with the utmost care, while respecting the rights of all involved. The panel will highlight what needs to be taken into account

German & French (simultaneous)


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What programme does my university offer?

Many organisations, universities and research institutions are organising their own programmes on 23 March 2023 specifically for those working or studying there. Find out here about the events and activities taking place in your area